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Thread: OTA and Legacy Ports

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    Default OTA and Legacy Ports

    I'm trying to get a firm answer, but I can't seem to find one anywhere.

    How do I get OTA to pass through to my legacy ports, or does the SWM do that? I know the older 6x8 doesn't do it, but the 5x8s did. It seems that this should do it too. Any ideas?

    Please advise.

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    Here's the tried and true method:

    Split your OTA line before it enters the SWM.

    Run one leg of the split into the SWM for the SWM ports.

    Run the other leg of the OTA to a diplexer.

    Run a cable from the legacy port in question to the same diplexer.

    Run a cable from the diplexer down to the legacy unit, and then diplex out the OTA at that end.

    Essentially, you're just running the OTA around the SWM, and diplexing it in after the switch instead of before. With the right splitter (a 1x4), you can do this with each legacy port, if need be.

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