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Thread: Upgraded to 320GB drive, but only 142 hours?

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    Question Upgraded to 320GB drive, but only 142 hours?

    Hi there,

    I followed the Hinsdale instructions to upgrade a Series 2 (model 54080) failing 80GB HDD to a new 320GB HDD. I was able to pull a backup with

    mfsbackup  -f 9999  -6so  /mnt/dos/tivo.bak  /dev/hdc
    from step 7. Option #1. I was then able to restore correctly with

    mfsrestore  -r 4 -s 127 -bzpi  /mnt/dos/tivo.bak  /dev/hdb
    from step 8. This is all using the MFS Tools Boot CD 2.0. Tested the Tivo with the new drive, seemed to be working fine (of course, no recordings transferred).

    I then tried to increase capacity with:

    mfsadd  -r 4 -x  /dev/hdc
    from step 10. configuration #2. This reported an increase of 66 hours from the original 80 GB HDD to the new 320 GB HDD. That seems awfully low...

    The Tivo itself still boots up, records, plays, etc., and reports a capacity of 142 hours. (It's running 9.3 software, by the way.) So everything works, it just seems to not be using the entire drive. Did I miss a step somewhere? I still have the original drive and backup image, so I can probably try this again, I just don't know what I would need to do differently.

    Any help most appreciated!

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    Sounds like the CD you used might have had the old "16" kernel on it, and thus you were restricted to 137 GB per drive.

    What link did you use for the CD? We have one here:

    That should get you the full capacity, but you'll have to start over again to unlock the rest of the space.

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    That was exactly it, thank you!

    It was my bad - I used the link from the Hinsdale Howto at that points to the MFS Tools for the Series 1 Tivos at I should have used the Tiger MFS Tools with LBA48 support at, which I did now and it works great (restore with direct expansion using the -x parameter worked like a charm).

    350 hours of Tivo goodness now... ;]

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