Hi -
I'm currently working on upgrading a TIVO 80GB drive to a 750GB drive.

The original TIVO drive is connected to IDE as MASTER and the CD-ROM as SLAVE.

The new drive is connected to SATA.

Booting off of the Weakness linux cd, All drives are recognized with the correct size.
Original TIVO: /dev/hda
CD-ROM: /dev/hdb
New HD: /dev/hde

I ran the command:
mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hda | mfsrestore -r 4 -xzpi - /dev/hde
Restore failed: Unable to open destination device for writing.

Any ideas? I'm computer savvy (and linux too) but I don't know how to overcome this issue.


p.s. The computer only has one IDE port.