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Thread: Remote problem with new TV

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    Default Remote problem with new TV

    I have a HR20-700 in our BR and my wife prefers the old TIVO peanut remote. I got the one from Weaknees that works with the HR20-700 non Tivo dvr. My problem is that I have replaced my Sharp Aquos TV with a new 50 inch Panasonic plasma and I can't find a code to operate the TV. The DirecTV remote programmed just fine but not the peanut. I did the scan routine and found one that works the volume but won't turn in on or off. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    The TiVo remote and DIRECTV remote, I believe, are manufactured by different companies, so the codeset base may be different (I haven't looked that closely). The scan routine is likely to be the most reliable method of finding a code set that works...and if that doesn't, then unfortunately the codes for that TV might not be in the THR22 remote.

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