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Thread: TiVo with Directv cooling fan upgrade

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    Default TiVo with Directv cooling fan upgrade

    I own 2 Hughes SD-DVR 40 directv TiVo receivers. Both receivers have small 60x25mm cooling fans that are noisy. I've replaced both fans with new factory original fans and even mounted them with silicon fan mounts. The noise level is lower but still annoying.
    My question is... can I install a larger case fan that runs at a lower RPM, that has much quieter dba specs and greater cfm airflow than the original equipment fans and fabricate the equipment case so the fan is mounted on top of the unit instead of the rear of the case. (I'm very good at fabrication but inexperienced with computer electronics.) Will the power plug on the board power a bigger fan with a larger amp draw? Can I install a case fan that is powered from the USB connections on the rear of the unit? Should the fan draw or blow over the board and hard drive?

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    You can do any/all of those things. I'd suggest that the air flow be out and not it. You can monitor the temp in the System Information screen.

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