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Thread: Large SWiM Installation

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    Default Large SWiM Installation

    I'm new to DirecTV and SWiM so bare with me. I'm completing construction of a 14,000 sq ft house and I'm planning for 11 TV's. DirecTV is currently the only provider in my area. I do have an ATT U-Verse internet connection, but TV is not supported. All of my TV locations in the house have been wired with two coax, two Cat5e and one Cat6 as well as a tube for future connections. One of the coax cables is for an over-the-air backup. I would like to take advantage of multi-room recording and viewing. The DirecTV installers that I have talked to so far say that I can only have 4 TV's. I am sure that this is not true. It seems that there are multiple options for designing this installation, including RVU over Ethernet. I would appreciate any advice on setting up this system.

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    Well, as far as I know, DTV only reimburses on new installations for four rooms, so the installers may just only be interested in going that far. You can definitely have more.

    If you'd like us to set up the new service for you, you can give us a call (888 932-5633) or an email ( and we can work out the details.

    Anyway, 11 rooms is no problem. You'll just need with one or two SWM16s, depending on whether you'll want receivers or DVRs in each room. Generally, for that number of rooms, we'd recommend a setup like one Genie, three Genie Minis, and seven two-tuner HD DVRs.

    Your wiring sounds good. I assume all coax segments run back to a location that is also wired with coax (hopefully, four coax lines) to a place where you could mount a dish on your roof.

    It sounds like your area is remote enough that OTA won't really be a factor.
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