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Thread: Backup/Upgrade Premiere Elite XL4

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    Default Backup/Upgrade Premiere Elite XL4

    If this topic has been discussed before, please point me to the appropriate thread. I can't seem to find it.

    I have a Premiere Elite XL4 which I purchased new in April 2012 and am beginning to wonder if I'm getting near the end of life on the hard drive. Not having any issues, but have been thinking about it. I have a lot on that drive that I'd rather not lose.

    On my old Series 2, I did two upgrades. The first was to upgrade the hard drive to a larger size, and the second time was to add a second drive. On both occasions, I used Mfs Tools and it went very smoothly. Looking at that now, it does not appear to apply to the newer Premiere unit. For now, I'd like to just make a full back up of the drive, as-is, so that if something happens to my current drive, I can just drop in the backup drive. At some point, I may also upgrade the 2tb drive to a larger one.

    Is Mfs Tools still applicable to the Premiere units? If not, what are the recommendations for software to use?

    Thank You

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    I also have a Premiere that needs an upgrade, but the do-it-yourself guides seem to have been last updated many years ago.
    Is the software there still good for the Series 4?

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