More than a year ago, maybe even two, I saw a post somewhere (it may have been on another site) that explained how to hook up a whole home network using two SWM dishes. This was needed in order to get around the 8 tuner SWM limit, since my home has 2-tuner HD DVRs in almost every room. In one of my SWM dish setups I have a Genie34, 1 HD IRD and 1 H25 (total=8 tuners). In the other I have 4 HD DVRs (Total=8 tuners). I followed the directions (I think I had to buy a couple of additional things, like a wireless bridge and something else). It worked flawlessly for the 2 years or so since I installed it. However, recently we were moving things around and had to disconnect a couple of the IRDs and a few other things. When I put them back together, I can no longer see on my Genie the DVRs that are on the second dish BUT I CAN SEE THE GENIE and the other DVRs that are on the first dish ON THESE BOXES. Basically, my whole home is working but only in one direction. So, I'm looking for that wiring diagram again or explanation of how to do this setup to figure out where I went wrong. I can't understand how I can see everything on the whole home network from one of my DVRs that is on the second dish but I can't see that DVR on any of the boxes on the first dish. I'm NOT looking for suggestions on how to do this using larger SWM multiswitches. I like my setup just "as is" with two dishes and two separate single lines running into the house, 1 from each dish, with the appropriate spliters and power inserters. NOTE: It's possible I have somehow set the two networks on different networks within my router. My router gives a wired and wireless choice but I can't tell which is which when I go into the settings. Also, if that IS the case, I don't understand why I can see all the network from one location but only part of the network from the other. Any help or thoughts or links to the factsheet or wiring diagram showing how to do this setup would be appreciated.