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Thread: how to open and clean Roamio remote?

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    Default how to open and clean Roamio remote?

    I have two Roamio remotes that have started to display symptoms of bad contacts on some switches. (Activation requires heavy or repeated presses on some buttons; other buttons are fine.) The batteries are fresh. My backup remote functions normally, so the problem is not with the Roamio units.

    I know that typical rubber-membrane switches can degrade in various modes, including contact wear and grease/oil/crud buildup. I'd like to take the remote apart to clean the contacts, but I see no way to do so. There don't appear to be any accessible screws, and I was unable to pry the housing apart along the (very narrow) seam.

    I tried squirting contact cleaner generously around the inside of the remote; no improvement.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the remote apart without damage? Thanks!

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    These remotes are not meant to be opened. You'd have to pry it with a screwdriver or some other device (there is a small seam running down the middle lengthwise) and the chances of breaking it are quite good. If the remotes are bad, then it may be time to replace them. Sorry.

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