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Thread: Series 1 use post d/c Tivo service

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    Default Series 1 use post d/c Tivo service

    My Series 1 (a Sony 2000) got set to "antenna input" after an unsuccessful "guided setup" attempt-done after Tivo discontinued their guide service for Series 1 boxes. I'd like to reset my unit to receive input from the RCA (or S-video) inputs, so that I can program it manually with a signal from my cable box. So does anybody know how to reset the Tivo to use the RCA inputs without being able to get the proper info back from Tivo's servers during guided setup? (When I try guided setup and select "cable" or "satellite", now that service has been discontinued, I get back "no cable providers in your area", and setup won't continue, forcing me to skip backwards and select "antenna", which of course is no longer useful.) Thanks!!

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    I'm pretty sure we've done it. You can change inputs without re-doing Guided Setup on Series1 units.

    Come to think of it, while you can change inputs, I'm not sure if you can swap from antenna to cable. But it's worth a try. Effectively, if you can swap the inputs, it should know to expect the right signal.

    It's somewhere in the menus - maybe under 'video.'
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