I moved nearly a year ago (should have taken the SWM-8 with me) and in the old location I had DTV, OTA, and a SWM-8 feeding a Genie and HD-DVR with Whole-Home. Everything worked great (the Whole-Home ran over Ethernet, not DECA/MOCA).

New location, new equipment. Same Genie and HD-DVR. Same Ethernet in home. Now I have a SWM LNB though. So just one line coming off the dish, to a DTV splitter that goes to the Genie and HD-DVR. I also now have an RVU TV. Again, all Whole-Home is using Ethernet. I would like to add an OTA antenna back in to the mix. Is there a way to do this? I fully understand my Ethernet configuration is unsupported, but it works great.

Since I don't care about the DECA/MOCA stuff (it's not in use now) can I just split the antenna, and diplex the OTA signal in to the two feeds running to the two receivers, then diplex it back out at the target end? I have an AM-21 doing nothing right now that I would like to use. Not to mention I would like to be able to watch OTA in general.