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Thread: Reconnecting my Directv SWIM Wireless system

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    Default Reconnecting my Directv SWIM Wireless system

    Had to tear down my directv system because I was going to spectum only to find out they don't have whole house DVR. Now to reinstall the Gene and wireless I'm confused because I didn't take pictures, thinking I would not need them.

    I have one wire coming from the dish. I have one power inserter, one Swim with an input, a dc pass thru output and another output. I also have a genie dvr with one coax input, a wireless video bridge with one connection only (so I assume it's going to get it's power from the inserter if I connect this correctly. So far I have not found my exact config online and have come up with three possible ways to connect.

    I've taken a pic of each on with the open coax going to the dish. I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm desperate......THANKS!
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    Many setups will work, but this is easiest:
    Dish to power inserter.
    Out of power inserter to splitter
    One end of splitter to DVR
    One end of splitter to video bridge.

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