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Thread: Series3 Freezing Even after HD Replacement

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    Default Series3 Freezing Even after HD Replacement

    For about a year I've been dealing with a situation where my Series3 Tivo freezes up every once in a's almost always when we're not watching TV, so that when we turn the TV back on, it's just on a frozen image. The functions of the Tivo still work, and I can access all menu items, but when i try to watch either live or recorded TV, it just goes to a frozen or all grey screen. I'd read that this might be a hard drive issue, so I purchased a new one from weaKnees and did a replacement, but it had no affect. Once the freezes occur, I have to restart the system. Any suggestions for what might be going on? Other than this issue, which happens on a nearly daily basis, the tivo works flawlessly. Thanks!

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    My guess is, you have a bad power supply.

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