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Thread: Bolt not recording season passes after drive replacement

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    Default Bolt not recording season passes after drive replacement

    When I bought my Bolt a couple years ago I upgraded the drive right away with a 4TB. Recently the Bolt did the all LEDs flashing thing and refused to boot. I put the original 500GB drive back in it, when I powered it on it did some updates and then seemed to work fine. It retained all my season passes but none of them are recording. It is recording recommended shows and new recordings I add, just not pre-existing season passes. I haven't changed any settings and everything was recording just fine before the 4TB drive failed. The 500GB drive is nowhere near full.

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    Has it been a few days? Likely, the unit just has to index all of the guide data and it'll catch up - that can take 48 hours.

    And by the way, the 4 TB drives we've seen that fit in there are SMR drives and that's why they don't last. SMR drives can't take the heavy demands of video recording.
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