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Thread: Humax and Roamio in same room

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    Default Humax and Roamio in same room

    If I get a Roamio OTA Vox and put it in the same room as my old Series 2 Humax Tivo, will the Roamio remote trigger the Humax and likewise will the Humax remote trigger the Roamio, or do they (hopefully) use entirely different infrared codes?

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    The Roamio really uses Bluetooth at this point, so the new remote won't control the Series2. It can use IR also, but once you pair it to the Roamio, it'll only use Bluetooth.

    The problem would be that the Series2 remote is sending generic IR commands and both units hear them. So you'd need to give each unit a specific IR identifier, and then set the Series2 remote (only) to the identifier for the Series2 TiVo. That way, the Roamio will ignore any IR commands.

    You basically need the info here (although they discuss a slightly different setup):
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