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Thread: Swap a Premiere harddrive to a seris 3

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    Default Swap a Premiere harddrive to a seris 3

    I have an extra tivo premiere hard drive that I bought from weakness a few months ago to upgrade my premier box. Its set up to be dropped into my premiere.

    I never got around to installing in and now I have a series 3 that is stuck on the "few more minutes scree" . Troubleshooting says the main reason for this would be the hard drive.

    Can I use the new premiere hard drive as its configured in the series 3 or will the software conflict with each other.

    I dont' care about the shows on series 3.

    Thanks for any help!!


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    Nope - the drive has the OS for a Premiere on it, from your description. That OS won't boot a Series3.

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