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Thread: request Help-Strong OTA signal strength but not aud/vid on channel scan

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    Default request Help-Strong OTA signal strength but not aud/vid on channel scan

    I have a Premiere receiving signal via an antenna.

    I do this: go to Settings & Messages>Settings>Channels and do a channel scan.

    For a couple of channels I get a 95 (peak 98) signal strength but no audio or video.

    When scanned ,other channels show much lower signal strength (ranging from 50 to 80) BUT they show whatever audio and video is currently broadcasting on that channel.

    It seems odd to me that a channel with a relatively strong signal would have no audio/video when channels with relatively weaker signal strength show audio and video.

    This isn't a first setup, and most of my channels come in fine.

    However I am optimizing a bit and curious if I could improve reception if I could get one of this stronger signal channels to work. I did try to put one of the stronger signal channels in my favorite channels. but still no audio/video.

    Any help folks could suggest would be much appreciated!


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    On the cable side, we sometimes see a signal that is too high and causes problems. Maybe that can occur on the antenna side also? Can you try a different antenna position, or do you have an attenuator?
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