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Thread: When to replace Roamio hard drive

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    Default When to replace Roamio hard drive

    I have a WD AV-GP 2TB drive (WD20EURS) in my Roamio which just passed the 5 year old mark. I've been trying to decide if I should replace this drive before I encounter any signs of failure.

    I'd appreciate thoughts on continuing to use this drive or replace it in advance of any problems.

    If I do replace the disk, I was looking at a WD Red WD40EFRX, which seems to be well priced at Amazon now. Is there some simple way to transfer the content on my current drive to the new drive using a PC or preferably a Mac computer?


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    Purple drives are really the right model for DVRs.

    Have you run a kickstart 54 to test yours?

    We really don't have a reliable method to transfer content drive-to-drive for Roamios at this point.
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