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Thread: Roadtrip T4 and SWM

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    Default Roadtrip T4 and SWM

    My new motorhome has both a RoadTrip T4 (uses multiswitch) and a Traveler HD (Uses SWM). I use an A/B box to switch between these dishes.

    The problem I have is that my directTv box (HR24) doesn't like to switch from MultiSwith to SWM without going thru a lot of attempts/reboots and PIA.

    There are 2 cables coming from the RoardTrip T4, one goes to the front of the RV and one to the back, where I have each satellite box.

    I want to add an SWM switch to convert this from multiswitch to SWM, but do not know which product would be the best.

    Ideally, I want a very small setup, as space is limited.

    I do understand that I will only get a single tuner on my DVR, and that is fine. What I am wanting to avoid is the swap from MultiSwitch to SWM.


    1) What is the smallest supported SWM switch I can use?
    2) Is there a problem supplying power over both cables to the dish?

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    The only answer is really a SWM-8:
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