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Thread: Bolt VOX picture quality issue

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    Default Bolt VOX picture quality issue

    New to the forum ..BUT VERY OLD to Tivo

    Had Tivo since about 2002

    Never really thought of the picture quality

    But the other day I switched over to Cablevisions Altice One and left my Roamio ...Immediately my wife and I noticed MUCH better picture quality on my LG OLED TV..

    I thought thats it..Im done with Tivo

    Altice is a really nice product and the picture was amazing..

    But after a few days I started to hate their DVR..

    So I thought about getting a Bolt VOX. I just couldnt give up this great picture with Altice One

    So I figured maybe my 5 year old Roamio was the issue and the new Bolts would be better..So I ordered a 1TB Bolt and got a new cablecard.. Pic quality is the same as the Roamio and not as good as Altice One.

    I LOVE the Tivo and want to stick with it..but the Altice One box just gives such a better picture

    I tried different HDMI cables and ports..I messed with the video settings on the Bolt..Its on Auto, but I tried all the others..

    Is there something Im missing?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!! THX!

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    Does your unit maybe have HDR? No TiVo has that yet.
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