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Thread: HS17 (Genie2), Android DIRECTV client, expansion, HDD Protection

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    Default HS17 (Genie2), Android DIRECTV client, expansion, HDD Protection

    The HS17 looks like an interesting device. I have a few questions on the differences between the H44/H54 and the HS17. Primary use case will be with projectors running Android (vava) on wired ethernet.

    1) Answered - HS17 works with Directv app.
    2) Can the esata port in the HS17 be used in addition to the internal HD? ATT Forum suggests still boots from internal drive, then uses esata connected drive after configuring in GUI.
    3) What is the largest HS17 upgrade from WK? 12TB per hard drives page. Looking now to learn if a RAID6 controller, maybe sansdigital mfg, can be used as long as it has esata connection.
    4) If I don't need 4K, is the HR44 is probably the best choice? Yes per ATT forum. Several comment having multiple in their system to avoid single point of failure.

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    2 - It's one drive or the other. Not both.

    3 - I don't think RAID works on these, at least the ones we've tested.

    4 - Why not the 54? It's faster and newer. And you cannot have multiple anymore unfortunately - one per account, max.
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