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Thread: Bad Tivo update

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    Default Bad Tivo update

    Bolt 500GB
    In the midst of a hard disk replacement, Tivo decided to update my original hdd. When it finished all of my recordings & season passes were gone. Strangely, the programs I had season passes for still show up in the guide & record. If there is only one season pass to record in that time slot, all 4 tuners will turn to that channel & record the program.
    I there any way to recover my recordings? I can boot a laptop with Linux & use whatever tools you recommend.
    Yes I have stopped using the Bolt so no further overwrite of the hdd takes place.
    Thanks for the help.

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    When you replace a hard drive in your TiVo, all of your recordings are lost. I don't quite understand what "in the midst of a hard disk replacement" means, but generally the TiVo does not wipe a drive without there being some other problem.

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