We are a research team looking for people to take part in a paid usability study evaluating how people use cable and satellite receivers. Our focus is on the number of steps that are required to find and flag a TV show for recording, as well as identifying the features that users think are “cool”.

The study will take about 2 hours of your time (from home) and the deliverables will be a VHS, DVD or AVI recording of your usage of the device menus and features as well as a 1 page write-up and phone call summarizing what you like and dislike about the product (details below). Participants will be remunerated $150 and reimbursed for the cost of mailing the VHS cassette \ DVD \ AVI to us.

We are interested in recruiting participants who own any of the following receivers:

Moxi PVR


We require a recoding of under 30 minutes that highlights the key features of the product, the most important areas are the episode guide and PVR (recording functionality). Your recording should show include the following:

• A recording of all available features
• Special focus on 1.) EPG and 2.) Finding and recording programs


We require a concise 1 page write-up in bullet form highlighting 3 things: 1.) what you like about your receiver 2.) what you dislike and 3.) How they can improve the receiver. These 3 items can focus in general on the receiver but we want to know what you think about the EPG. We will go over your feedback in a short phone call.

Please PM me or phone me at 416-527-4737 if you are interested in participating in this study and can send us your write-up and videotape \ DVD within 5 days of agreeing to participate in the study.

You will be paid US $150 upon receipt of your recording and write-up.

Ammar Khan
ammar.khan [at] gmail.com