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    Originally posted by harvey View Post
    I would be interested to know if WK's techs have tried what has been suggested/requested (connect a TIVO to a tv or computer via an analog to digital converter without the satellite dish connected and without any activation) to see if the tv or computer can view the recorded items.
    Originally posted by WK-Michael View Post
    Sure - if the unit can play recordings, then you can grab them on a computer with a video capture card.
    Is this without connecting the Tivo to a satellite dish prior to booting.
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      Yes - that's not a problem at all. Imagine if your dish came down for some reason - DirecTV wouldn't want a good customer locked out of the programming on a DVR.
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        Originally posted by WK-Michael View Post
        Yes - that's not a problem at all. Imagine if your dish came down for some reason - DirecTV wouldn't want a good customer locked out of the programming on a DVR.
        OK. I'm going to try to capture my four movies to my computer this weekend. I'll let everyone know what happens; good or bad.


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          Well I now have some answers plus more questions.

          I have an ADS Technologies PYRO A/V Link that I used to capture VHS tapes of our granddaughter. The unit will automatically determine whether the input to it from the VHS or in this case DirecTV Tivo is Analog or Digital.

          After waiting for some 10 minutes for the Hughes R-10 to search for the satellite it finally presented me with the menu to view what had been recorded. That problem solved.

          I then attempted to capture the video and audio using Dell Movie Studio. I could see/watch the video but it wouldn't capture any data. Says that the DV unit changed.

          I then attempted to capture the video and audio using Ulead Video Studio 10; the same software that I captured my VHs tapes. I could watch and listen to the item that I wanted to capture. I started the capture process and everything seemed to go well....Until.... the Tivo unit decided that it wanted to change from Analog to Digital 5 minutes into the capture effectively stopping the capture . Ok, so the unit is transmitting in Digital and not Analog. So I rewind the movie and set the ADS unit to Digital and start the capture once again. OK so far except within the first minute, the ADS changes to Analog and once again stops the capture.

          I didn't have this problem with the VHs unit.

          So here I am with (as Yule Brenner said in The King and I; "It is a puzzlement.")

          I guess I will try again, but this time I will set the Tivo to "Off load to VHs" and see it it jumps between Digital and Analog.


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            The R10 doesn't output any video digitally; it's all analog. So I'm not sure I follow here.
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              While the R10 is transmitting data to the ADS unit, the ADS unit switches to Digital input. I know the data stream should be Analog so I set the unit to Analog. Then within 5 minutes, the output from the R10 causes the ADS unit to switch to Digital causing the capture program to reset.

              I did two things; 1) I changed software to Nero Capture and
              2) I set the R10 to "Save to VCR." It appears that the ADS prefers its input data flow from the "Save to VCR" better because I haven't seen it change to Digital.

              I am typing this on my laptop while the desktop is doing the capture. So good.

              On edit. I was able to use Ulead VideoStudio 10 to capture the file as long as the R10 was in the "Save to VCR."

              Oh, joy. Now I can burn a DVD.

              Thanks for your support!
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                I have a Samsung S4120R DirecTV with two input feeds with TIVO. The problem with the unit is that it reboots itself without any request from me. The rebott will occur at anytime, while watching TV or a recorded show or movie. The system will also hestiate the sound and picture for quite a long time (very annoying). I have been reading the blogs and kind of see where I might need a new hard drive. I know this is not much help in diagnosing my problem, however, would your recommendation be to replace the drive?

                If I do replace the drive, with one from Weaknees, how does TIVO & Directv update the system with a "foreign" drive which was not the original installed hard drive.

                Thank you.


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                  Right - that's almost definitely just a bad drive.

                  We format the drives here first with the right software for your specific model TiVo. Then, they get the other needed information from your motherboard, card, and dial-in, after they boot:

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                    adding a drive to my R10

                    I am thinking about purchasing your TwinBreeze Complete G3 kit to add an extra drive to my unit. Once the drive is added how does the system recongnize it/format it/use it?


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                      Originally posted by hopdog View Post
                      I am thinking about purchasing your TwinBreeze Complete G3 kit to add an extra drive to my unit. Once the drive is added how does the system recongnize it/format it/use it?
                      If your drive is programmed properly, then the TiVo will automatically recognize it and reflect the extra space in the System Information screen. Your TiVo will work just like it did before the install, but you'll have more space. Keep in mind, though, that blank drives do not work.


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                        Originally posted by WerksRacer View Post
                        I *think* this might be my first post...
                        I have a 3.5yr old Phillips DSR704 (2-tuner TiVo) I LOVE my Tivo!

                        My issues:
                        1) I am running out of room, as this unit only has 38 hours. I know the solution for #1 is to buy a BIGGER Hard Drive, and I am ready to do that.

                        2) My Tivo is starting to Power Off & On by itself and, well - since I did read this page before posting, my Hard Drive is beginning to wear out.

                        But my question about #2 is more about 'software' issues, IF that is a 2nd issue at all.
                        My tivo will tell me that it can't record a program because, "this episode will not be recorded. Check 13 SA13 in Channels You Receive, or call DirecTV to order". 13 is MY CBS station AND I record Letterman EVERY nite of week!
                        Tech people at DirecTV have told me that my hard drive is wearing out. -> Is that what is happening?
                        I DO want to ++increase the size of my Hard Drive, but with the issues that I've tired to explain above, do I need to do something else besides getting a bigger Hard Drive? Do I also need NEW TiVo software installed on any new hard drive that I purchase?

                        THANK YOU so much in advance for ANY info/advice that you can offer,

                        Modesto, Ca
                        Hey Scott .. did you find a manual on your DSR704? interesting in doing a copy . cost? or where to find one?

                        Not trying to steal the thread .. WK has hdd's ..


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                          Originally posted by WeaKnees View Post
                          Which models are these?

                          Originally, DirecTV had this equipment manufactured by several outside companies based on the engineering plans they drew up with TiVo. Eventually, the started branding the units in-house.

                          Here is a list of all Standard Definition DirecTV TiVos, roughly in release order:

                          First generation
                          Philips DSR6000, DSR6000r, and DSR6000r01
                          Sony SAT T-60
                          Hughes GXCEBOT and GXCEBOTD

                          Second Generation
                          Hughes HDVR2 (sometimes called HDVR3), SD-DVR40, SD-DVR80, and SD-DVR120
                          Philips DSR7000, DSR704, and DSR708
                          Samsung S4120R, S4040R, and S4080R
                          DirecTV R10

                          What's the difference between the first and second generations?

                          All of these units have dual tuner support. The first generation units could hold two drives on their internal bracket; for the second generation, you need a TwinBreeze or other bracket to install a second drive. The second generation has USB ports, but they're turned off by DirecTV. The second generation has a faster processor that allows for faster software, and for the Folder feature among other things.

                          What can fail in these units?

                          Hard drives, since they are spinning all of the time, are the most likely components to fail inside these units. Also, fans, power supplies, tuners, and entire motherboards can fail. Except for motherboards, the parts are easily replaceable.

                          Drive failures

                          The most typical signs of drive failure are: TiVo is rebooting, TiVo is stuck on "Powering Up...", TiVo is stuttering or freezing, and TiVo is taking much, much to long to complete on-screen processes. In those cases, a replacement hard drive almost always fixes the problems.


                          Generally, just a bad fan, and replacements are available.

                          Dialing problems

                          Lots of things can cause dialing problems, but the top two offenders are a bad modem, and VoIP. Each of these can be overcome with an external TiVo modem kit.

                          Just nothing at all on the screen

                          If you get nothing at all on-screen when you power up the TiVo, you likely have a bad power supply. Replacements are available for most DirecTV TiVos.
                          I don't have a hardware problems, any guidelines on use?
                          Looking for a manual on Phillips DSR704, text or copied, any ideas?

                          I bought it from WK and no manual came & nothing on search, WK says check forum. i'm looking..


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                            Your manual can be viewed, printed and downloaded here:



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                              Drive failure

                              In a two drive DSR 704, both drives replaced recently, how does one determine which drive is bad if constant rebooting occurs (along with pixelation probs, etc.). Is it best to divorce and place drive A in and see what happens or is there a diagnostic tool available to tell? Thanks for the site, the help, and especially the six twin breezes with fans!


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                                The best method, really, is to test them in a PC. Either way, if one is bad, you'll need a new "replace" kit or you'll need a copy of the TiVo OS to reformat the good drive.
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