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TiVo Roamio OTA 2TB VOX - Sound Drop out

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  • TiVo Roamio OTA 2TB VOX - Sound Drop out

    I bought a refurbished Roamio with the VOX interface three weeks ago. The audio drops out with different button pushes. The picture plays silently for a few seconds then the sound comes back This happens
    1. At the beginning of every YouTube video. If the narrator starts talking immediately at the beginning there is no possible way to hear what was said
    2. When live television is playing and you press buttons to go to the guide, scroll, et cetera.
    3. When you pause a streaming app or live television and resume with the yellow button.
    4. When you advance or rewind OTA television with the FF and Rew buttons. The skip forward and back work fine.

    Is this characteristic of the unit or can it be fixed? Thank-you.

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    I bought a Roamio reburb too maybe a few months earlier than you. I’ve noticed sometimes my audio drops out (and slowly comes back) during live TV and after I return to live TV from watching recordings (is totally out until I change channels and return to original channel).

    Did you ever solve your problem? The software on this model is different from the Premiere model. I don’t have this (nor other) problems with that model but I also don’t have all the features. I was thinking of rolling back the software version to see if I still have all the issues I’ve seen.


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      I just saw your note today - sorry.
      Yes, I did solve my problem. I ran the HDMI signal through an HDMI splitter which seemed to reconstruct the signal. Problem solved. I got the idea from another forum somewhere. Hope it works for you.
      Brand: View HD Model: U9 Pluto
      $25 on Amazon


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        How exactly did you wire everything? Signal -> splitter or to tivo then out to splitter?


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          It is an HDMI splitter intended to send any signal such as the tivo output to two televisions. So - the signal runs from tivo to the splitter input and from splitter output A to the TV. Leave output B empty.


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            What does this accomplish? You could just as easily run just one cable directly?


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              I already answered that in May.