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Roamio Pro dead after lightning...

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  • Roamio Pro dead after lightning...

    So.. Had a bad thunderstorm today, and after the storm, the Roamio is dead. I opened it up and the power supply is fine. Even when connected to the system board, I have a good 12v. I saw the fan jiggling, so I checked the voltage there, and it was turning on and off about twice per second. My analog meter was getting up to about 1v before it goes down, so I dont know if it's some kind of watchdog timer that is kicking or what.. I disconnected the hard drive to reduce draw and there was no difference.

    I'm resigned to the fact that this is dead - I am just curious what the consensus is for repair / replacement.. Is there a source for replacement system boards, and if so, am I going to likely lose my lifetime sub? I am not sure on this model if the serial number is contained on the system board, or if it's on what looks like a little plug-in board on the front?

    If I have to start over, I'm probably done with Tivo - i dont know if the longevity of it is clear enough to convince me to invest hundreds of dollars on new hardware at this point, or if this is what is going to push me to some kind of streaming device (I've already been testing a TivoStream and ChannelsDVR) but I do wish I could have done this on my schedule vs. being forced to do so by mother nature..
    Is there a reasonable way to get a replacement system board for this thing?
    Thanks in advance! It will be a sad day when I dont have a tivo.. I've been using them since 13gb drives in my first two Tivo-1 devices in 2001!


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    Yes - the lifetime service and the TSN are part of the motherboard. So replacing that means losing your service.

    We do have some replacement Roamios here with lifetime service:

    Been here a long time . . .