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Is there any way to backup a TiVo

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  • Is there any way to backup a TiVo

    We had 400 hours of shows on our Roamio when the motherboard failed. The internal 500 GB and external 500 GB drives are probably OK. From what I can tell, there is no way to get these shows back.

    So a TiVo is definitely not a way to archive TV shows since there's a very good chance you'll lose them all at some point in the future. (Our Roamio is our 3rd TiVo, but with bigger hard drives, you just lose more.)

    Does anyone know of ways to backup or archive shows? Having an identical second TiVo WITH service to backup is not something most of us can afford. And the chances of that TiVo dying are probably as good as the 1st one. With all the ways to backup computers these days - multiple external hard drives, cloud services - it is disheartening that TiVo does support some way to get shows back.

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    You can use software like iTiVo or the iOS or Android apps to copy shows off the unit to another device. In some cases, you'd need a TiVo Stream, though, which is no longer available.
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      Upgrading TiVo installation

      I will be transitioning from 3 TiVo series 4 each with a WD 1TB additional storage hard drive to a TiVo Roamio Plus with two Minis and 1 WD storage hard drive with MoCA setup. Each of the Series 4s has a significant amount of stored programs. !st, how can I offload about 1GB of stored programs (total) from the existing TiVos and WD attached hard drives to the TiVo Roamio Plus with an attached WD storage hard drive? 2nd; is there any way to set up an additional hard drive as NAS or in a RAID configuration as backup for the inevitable TiVo and/or WD hard drive failure?

      Many thanks for any and all detailed replies!!



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        There's no way to do a NAS for these.

        If you set these all up on the same network and the same account, you can transfer the shows across the network from the old units to the new one.

        But why get an external with a Roamio Plus? One large internal drive would be a better solution. We offer single internal drives up to 10 TB currently.
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          Generally, what is the approximate MoCA network transfer speed for TiVo recorded shows? Additionally, I understand transferring individual shows - however, is there a way to initiate the transfer all the stored programs for a individual TiVo including the attached WD hard drive as a single continuous transfer? As regards utilizing the WD external hard drive, I currently have 3, so by using 1 with the TiVo Roamio Plus with lifetime service which I have already purchased, I would have 2TB of storage and could sell the remaining 2. Hopefully!! monitoring the storage by ALL members of the household, 2TB will be sufficient - remains to be seen! Additionally, I understand that the Roamio Plus has a vacant hard drive slot. If that 2TB storage capacity does, in fact, prove to be inadequate, would it be possible to replace the existing 1TB hard drive with a 3TB drive and add a 2nd 3TB drive to the vacant slot in a RAID 1 configuration so that I would have increased storage and backup?

          Thanks again for your further comments!


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            There's no vacant hard drive slot in the Roamio Plus.

            Again, we thing a single larger internal is the way to go here.

            As far as MoCA networking speed, it varies based on a lot of factors, but the bottom line is, expect it to be slow, unfortunately.
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              Thanks for the help!