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Operating two Roamio Tivos - How is it done without confusing one or the other?

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  • Operating two Roamio Tivos - How is it done without confusing one or the other?

    This is not my first TIVO rodeo. I have had TIVOs since way back in history (the early 21st century) when you could only record one channel at a time and HD TIVO was not even a gleam in Mike Ramsay's and Jim Barton's collective eye. So I don't need a tutorial about hooking up TIVOs. The last one I bought I connect it without reading the install instructions--it is pretty intuitive to me now. But being a computer-Luddite, I don't pay a lot of attention to computer/electronic things that seems like magic. I don't really believe in electricity (although I did study it in physics and engineering at University). Ironically I was a system analysis/computer program/computer system engineer in a previous life. I was a computer-Luddite even back then. But enough about me.

    I have one Roamio (I have had it for 6 years and will be sending it to weaKnees to replace/upgrade discs) and have just ordered a second Roamio from weaKnees which I will receive in a couple of days.

    I have just realized that there might be problems using two Tivos on the same TV.

    I am not concerned about connecting two Roamios to the TV (been there, done that), I am concerned about "programming and using" two Roamios that are attached to the same TV right next to each other.

    I will only use one Roamio at a time with the TV. What I need to find out is what method is used to program/operate one Roamio at a time with the remote control while not causing the other Roamio to think it is being programmed/operated and vice versa.

    I have been using a Roamio and an HD XL on the same TV. The Roamio has a radio frequency remote controller and HD XL has an infrared (direct line of sight) remote controller. To "program/operate" I covered the sensor of one with a piece of cardboard so I could "program/operate" it. And to "program" the other I move the piece of cardboard. Yes, I understand that it is pretty primitive, but it works just fine for a computer-Luddite like me. So with these two types of remote controllers and a piece of cardboard, I don't have any issue with remote controller "cross-talk".

    My issue is, how can I "operate/program" two Roamios (each separately) when both expect the radio frequency remote control? This is a complete conundrum to me.

    I would imagine that the answer is somewhere in the weaKnees forum; I did a search but came up empty. The programming/operating of two TIVOs was addressed back in the yore days when the remote control had a switch that changed which TIVO you wanted to communicate with. I think that was from the first TIVO I owned; I haven't seen this feature on a controller since.

    Please, give me your thoughts and ideas to help me solve my dilemma.

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    The Roamios come with two-way RF remotes. Each remote will pair to one of the Roamios, and won't affect the programming on the other. You won't have a problem here.
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