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  • Can't transfer shows

    I just got the Tivo 450 hour dual unit from you. I added it to my account with Tivo and now I can't transfer shows. I have it online and the box is checked in my account. The error I get is oxffff.

    Please help!

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    I think the error you are referring to might be TiVo error 0xffff rather than TiVo error oxffff.

    We have heard of this problem once before--a customer had three Standalone TiVos, all networked and sharing programming. Two worked fine, but the third gave this error when our customer tried to view a show that had been transferred:

    "The Office DVR could not be reached due to an unexpected problem: Reason: 0xffff"

    The solution to the problem is as follows:

    Turn off multi-room viewing in "Manage My Account" at Then force a daily call. Then switch multi-room viewing back on. That should solve the problem.

    Good luck!


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      By George, that did it! I don't get it but its done and it works!


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        Exact same problem. Now, where would I go to find a fix? Duh, Weaknees of course. Thanks, guys!!