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Help me understand directv to TiVo hookup

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  • Help me understand directv to TiVo hookup

    I have no experience with TiVo. I've always just used a directv dvr.
    I am now forced to use a satellite dome on my boat that does not support any of DTVs recorders. The only receiver I can use is a h24. Now I obviously can't record from the h24, so how can I record programs that the h24 receives? A TiVo after the receiver?

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    Yes, you could put a TiVo at the H24. It would have to be a standard definition TiVo from here:

    but it will need to connect to TiVo via internet or phone line.

    Why can't you use an HR24 there?
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      No permanent internet or phone lines on the boat.
      Kvh m7 domes will not support any receiver but h24
      M7 only receives sad songs no big deal


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        Sd, not sad songs . . Auto correct is fun ain't it


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          I can't say I've ever seen a dish that supports H24 but not HR24 set up with one SAT input. I'd just get an HR24. Otherwise, you'll need to get a TiVo to connect to the internet occasionally to get guide data.
          Been here a long time . . .