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new Tivo Edge not downloading show title info

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  • new Tivo Edge not downloading show title info

    I'd appreciate any help or suggestions with our issue. We just upgraded from our Premiere Elite (10 yrs) to the Tivo Edge. We installed a Comcast Cable Card and Comcast tech support verified that that was working correctly. But after 3 days, we are not getting any show information for the HD stations. I know with new Tivo's it sometimes takes time for the guide info to download, but this seems excessive. The guide info is coming through for the SD stations, but not the HD stations. We have the latest Comcast broadband modem, connect via MoCA, and the Edge is being assigned an IP address with the range available. I've been on the phone with both entities and it seems like they want to help, but I get hints that it's the problem of the other vendor. I am concerned about continued Comcast support for cable cards and Tivo from things I've heard and really don't want to lose our Tivo box and succumb to the Comcast X1. Thank you!

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    So do the channels show up in your guide automatically? Can you watch live TV on these HD channels? If you use channel up/down, does it skip these channels?

    My initial guess is that the CableCard was programmed incorrectly so the TiVo just doesn't think you have those channels, and therefore doesn't download guide data for them.
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      Thank you! Calling the Comcast Cable Card team was going to be the first thing I did Monday as that occurred to me as well. I'll mention your suggestions.

      The HD channels do not show up in the Guide. We can watch live TV on them and go up & down the stations with no problem. We can record programs on HD stations manually, but not with the One Pass. When we press the i (Info) button, 'Title Not Available' appears.
      All the SD stations play and the info is there for them. including in the Guide. We can set up one passes for them.


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        You may need to redo Guided Setup and just carefully go through your cable options - both provider and package. I'd start there.

        If you can see the channels by choosing them manually, the cable provider probably did enable them. The TiVo just doesn't know you get them.

        Redoing Guided Setup (carefully!) should fix this.
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          And it did! Brilliant! Thank you. Comcast had agreed to send a tech out tomorrow and I'm going to go with that as they said they still noticed some connection problems on our end. We've had Comcast since forever and I'm curious to have them check everything inside & outside our humble abode.