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Is there likely to be a DirecTV Now app on TiVo?

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  • Is there likely to be a DirecTV Now app on TiVo?

    DirecTV Now (which I'll call DTVN) is an attractive package of live streaming and 72hr rewind (on some stations). I'm on a 1-month trial and so far I've been able to watch it on my Windows notebook (no Firefox support, but I got it in IE and I think it works on Chrome too).

    I read the DTVN Android app supports Chromecast so I bought one. Haven't managed to get the Android app downloaded (due to challenges with Google Play Store) but am working on it.

    I installed the Chromecast but haven't played with it yet. Looks like it will be like using YouTube (and Netflix?) on the TiVo.

    Does TiVo have plans (i.e. announced or rumoured) to add a DTVN app to their lineup? I know it's not a recording thing but then neither are their other apps. The main difference seems to be that DTVN is mostly live, rather than streaming recorded content (like Netflix or Amazon Video).

    It would be nice to use the TiVo's intelligence to integrate DTVN channels into what the cable company provides. Have they spoken about this?


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    Sorry to say, we haven't heard anything about integration with TiVo.

    I should also say, I don't think we've ever had advance notice of a new streaming partner with TiVo.
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      Thanks, that makes sense. Now I'm hoping they do a CBS All-Access app, since that service is more in line with Netflix etc., than DTVNow which is live streaming mostly (I think).

      Though I'm not sure I'd use it. Much as I enjoy the single-point-of-access that TiVo is pushing, my old Premiere (TCD746320) just can't keep up with the apps it's being asked to run. I realize it's the oldest hardware platform that supports a lot of the new features, so I understand. But I was having a lot of trouble with the TiVo Hulu viewing and since I invested in a Chromecast (all of $30) it's clearly the TiVo. It takes forever to load the app and then it's a coin flip whether it will actually stream after.

      To me, using this old TiVo for apps is like getting a Smart TV: it's nice if it has the features, but I wouldn't pay extra, I'd want a cheap replaceable external box. I actually did get a new TV on US Thanksgiving weekend and it's a low-end SmartTV, which means it has Netflix and a few other useless apps. Its Netflix support is nice to have, but it doesn't even do Hulu, so I wouldn't have paid extra for the capability. A replacement TiVo with Lifetime is probably 3x what the TV cost, so I'm not counting on it for support of any new apps.

      Debating whether to upgrade the HD from 320GB (I'm able to suck every day's recordings to my notebook so I can live with the lack of space, and file sizes seem to be getting smaller for a 1hr HD recording, so I'll stagger on for a while. But I'll be checking for an upgrade at some point. Thanks as always for the service and support!



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        I would love to see a CBS All-Access app, If it is on par with Netflix or the other streaming services I think it would sell better cause it is an easier platform to set up.