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Replacing 2 Series 2 Premier boxes

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  • Replacing 2 Series 2 Premier boxes

    I currently have 2 Premier boxes that I bought in 2011, using TWC (now Spectrum cable) connected together with a MoaCa setup that works quite nicely. I want to change over to UHD-TV, so I want to upgrade to a Tivo Bolt system. Do I still need 2 boxes and continue with the MoaCa setup, or do I get 1 box and a Mini?


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    You can use 1 Bolt and 1 Mini, no problem.


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      Will I still need the MoaCa setup?
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        Well, they need to talk somehow. MOCA is an option. So is ethernet.
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          Well, as I posted on another thread, I did it, but it was far from no problem. You see, noone told me(or I didn't tell anyone) that the tuning adapter(s) is a problem for the MoCa network adapters. I went from a perfectly operating system to chaos when I hooked up the new system. It took me from Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon to get that thing working correctly. After reading many Tivo forum posts I found that you cannot use the TA in series with the input cable, it has to be hooked up via splitter and only the cable going in only. The TA is hooked to the Bolt via usb only. Then I was able to disconnect my MoCa adapters and use the MoCa signal from the Bolt only. Now, it works as it should.