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DirecTiVo THR22 - Just Ordered

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  • J Robert
    I've had the THR22 since they first came out. I love it, and have had no issues with it. Not sure about the rest of your question. The THR22 cannot be networked to other rooms like the Genie. If you've got a Genie, then the THR22 will certainly work with your antenna (dish). Just depends if you have SWM capabilities or not. This unit will work with either setup, but will need B-Band converters if your multiswitch doesn't have SWM capabilities.

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  • bkearle
    started a topic DirecTiVo THR22 - Just Ordered

    DirecTiVo THR22 - Just Ordered

    I'm so sorry if this has been asked before. Yesterday, I rather impulsively purchased a THR22 after getting fed up with these piece-of-crap Genies that my elderly mother finds impossible to use. I'm still going to keep the Genies and just give her the THR22. But my question now becomes -- do I need anything additional running from my dish? DirecTV equipment screenshot attached.