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  • THR22 incorrect time

    We have two THR22s and both have started having incorrect time recently. One is either correct or two minutes late. (Actually 2:04 late, but when it's "correct" it's actually about 4 seconds late.) "Correct" time is from a classic WWV clock, itself accurate to milliseconds.

    Manually making it connect to update programming information does not seem to correct the problem.

    The other TiVo probably is doing the same thing but once the time error may have been more than 3 minutes.

    An old post related to non-DirecTiVos ca 2017-2018 discussed a similar situation - two minute errors - and determined the problem to be a defective TiVo NTP server that the company couldn't bother to repair (over two years!) and the solution was to blacklist that time server at one's gateway. I note today that that time server ( is working fine (when I looked) as were the supposedly good ones, sjr2 and 3.

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    Interesting. The blacklisting idea might work. I don't think these use TiVo's time servers - pretty sure they use DirecTVs. You'd have to monitor what servers these access maybe by enabling logging at your router to figure out what time servers they're using.
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      The continue to show the correct time so unless I see the problem as the day wears on you're probably right about them not relating to THR22. OTOH I'd at least half-expect TiVo servers to be the source of their program guide, and thus time data. No one else with the same problem?