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Problem with TiVo not getting most channels

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  • Problem with TiVo not getting most channels

    I'm having an issue with my TiVo Premiere Elite XL4 Series4 (ordered from weaKnees in mid-2020) not getting most channels on my Comcast cable system.

    Channels from 1 to about 600, including all local channels, all give the message "Searching for a signal..." and channels 600-650 or so work but are very pixelated. Channels above 650 seem to work fine and have no issues. What could be causing this?

    I have a cable splitter in the middle of the cable as it comes from the wall, the other side goes to my cable modem. Could it be going bad?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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    Definitely try omitting the splitter and plugging the cable right into your TiVo as a test.

    Try just rebooting the TiVo.

    You may also need a replacement CableCard from your cable company.

    Finally, there could be a hardware problem with the TiVo, but we don't usually see them occur like this.
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      Thank you. I forgot to mention I had previously tried rebooting the TiVo to no avail, and I also ran the hard drive test (54) and it came up clean.

      I tried removing the splitter and connecting the two cables with a barrel connector but no channels would work, so I'll have to try using a different, longer cable directly from the outlet.

      Will a bad CableCard cause the type of symptoms I'm having? I guess it's the last thing to try, so when I get a chance I'll get a new CableCard and see if that works if it isn't the splitter causing the issue.
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        Sure - that could be a bad CableCard.
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          Looks like it's a bad splitter. I used a new single cable going from the wall to the TiVo and the problem vanished. Hopefully the one Comcast gives me will be of high quality and it will last a long time. I guess it's possible one of the current cables I use with the splitter could be going bad, but that seems really unlikely to me.

          Thanks for your help.