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Unwanted Deletion of Recordings on Transfer

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  • Unwanted Deletion of Recordings on Transfer

    Greetings, I have posted this issue before on the various forums but never have been able to get a solid answer so thought I'd throw it out again hoping for a more definative answer, as it frustrates me terribly.

    It seems that if I transfer a previously saved recording that was initially moved off a given TIVO onto a PC and a later transfer it back to a TIVO unit, that this causes the TIVO to delete large numbers of otherwise wanted recordings off the target TIVO, this seems to occur despite having large numbers of deleted recordings on the target unit.

    A case in point.

    Last night one of my units had approximately 50GB of free space and 10 hours of deleted recordings in the deleted items bin, I transferred a 30 minute Brooklyn 99 episode off a PC to the Tivo when I checked later I discoved that the deleted items remained intact yet another 20 unwatched recordings and about another 80 GB was summarily deleted.

    I can't make any sense of this and why it wouldn't utilize the deleted items folder first and furthermore why it seems to delete FAR more than would appear needed to make space. Hope someone can shed some light on this.