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Clone Aging Hard Drive Upgraded Weaknees Roamaio

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  • Clone Aging Hard Drive Upgraded Weaknees Roamaio

    Our Roamaio has been on the job forever, like hair dryer sounding hard disk forever. It’s competing with the rattling fan for attention. I’m wondering if anything is preventing me from removing the drive and cloning it using a cloning utility and an external drive enclosure on a Windows or Linux PC. I’ve cloned many Linux systems this way and replaced drives in other Linux driven products. I’ll get the same model of drive or very close. All of the internal settings that Weaknees tweaked initially to allow the installation of a larger drive should still be valid. Has anyone successfully done this for a Tivo unit?

    Of course, this is just a Band-Aid and we will be back to get an upgraded Edge soon enough. I’d like to keep the content on the Roamaio alive for some sorting and migration a bit longer and as long as it runs without flames and smoke then will keep it around in the old tivo home section of our entertainment center.

    Thanks for any advice. The sooner I do this the better per the drive. I’ll check its health stats before I start and may have opt for Tivo hospice instead of retirement.

    I wish that Tivo had not opted to go to 2.5in drives. There are very few large capacity CMR 2.5 drives on the market and nowhere near the capacity of 3.5in drives. I’m not sure how well SMR drives will work in a Tivo. The more concurrent recording and watching the worse SMR drives work and last.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    SMR drives are definitely not good in TiVos!

    And we have parts to make a 3.5" drive work in an Edge:

    If you clone your drive carefully and correctly to another AV drive, it should be fine in your Roamio.
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      Thanks for the fast reply. I love you guys LOL. Thanks for doing what you do. Can you get 4TB into an Edge for Antenna without any welding LOL. Depending on drive health would probably clone it first as a back up but can remind a dedicated switch in our network to run the 100mb limited speed between the two and just migrate shows in groups when Tivos have nothing else to do.

      Thanks again - Greg


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        So here is an interesting question… can you run a Roamio without a hard drive if all you want to do is run the apps like Amazon Prime?

        I’ll have the fan and hard drive replacement tomorrow but even at Thunderbolt 3 speeds the limiter in cloning a 4TB drive is going to be the write speed on the receiving disk. It’s going to take perhaps several days. I have not looked up the WD Purple line specs but I’m sure they don’t match the top specs like my Segage IronWolf Pro enterprise drives in my network storage devices. I’m expecting the speeds to be quite a bit less.

        Even better question, can you put a drive BACK in the unit you run without a hard disk for a while?

        I seem to remember that the unit loads everything from flash into memory as far as Linux and their software goes. I don’t know where the config parameters and user preferences are loaded. If they put everything in flash and we don’t change any settings then it can get screwy without a disk then not know the difference each time it boots.

        Anyone tried this? I’m trying to keep a 94yr old mother-in-law happy who needs her Andy Griffin and Carol Brunet!! Personally, I might like it if this did NOT work … my eyebrow starts to twitch a bit after a night full of these old shows …. Don’t get me started on Lawrence Welk …



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          Won't boot at all without a hard drive.
          Been here a long time . . .