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    UPDATE: I solved my own problem. I can't find way to delete.
    It was a dead HDMI port on the TV, the only thing I hadn't tried.

    I came home to a black screen yesterday on Roamio. Unplugged and rebooted. I get the "Welcome! Starting Up" screen but then it goes to black screen again (no signal for the TV). Amber lights flash with remote press.
    I read around and saw it could be hard drive, BUT the TiVo is still recording Season Passes, and I am able to stream newly recorded shows to my phone (in fact, it's recording as I type this). So, it's doing its thing, I just can't see it.
    Also read possibly the power supply, but would that be true if it's still recording?
    Presumably not the HDMI port or cord since I can see the initial Welcome Screen before it goes to no signal.

    I'm familiar with the kickstarter codes but not sure if any apply to this.
    Any ideas?
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    Great news, I think. I was going to say it was a dead HDMI on the TiVo, but this is probably easier to work around.
    Been here a long time . . .