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Onepass issues w/ABC 20/20 Only

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  • Onepass issues w/ABC 20/20 Only

    Unable to delete/modify OnePass on ABC 20/20.
    I have a TiVo Bolt 2tb with a TiVo Western digital external drive that is fully updated and fully functional with a cable card from Optimum. I have 134 OnePass shows. I noticed that ABC 20/20 did not record tonight. I attempted to delete or modify the one pass and was given a message unable to process. I am able to individually record 20/20. I am also able to one pass other ABC shows. I went through guided setup which did not work. I rebooted the box which did not work. To be clear, it still shows that there is a one pass for ABC 20/20 but it did not record tonight and will not let me modify or cancel the one pass so I can recreate it to see if it will start automatically recording again.

    Also to be clear every other one of the 134 one pass shows are recording properly and I am able to cancel and or modify the one pass.

    I suffer from complex PTSD and serious rib injuries and I'm on medications so I am sorry if my post is not as clear as it once might have been and I am appreciative of any help.

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    I don't think I've seen that before - any time I've seen a problem with a OnePass, the customer has been able to reboot the unit, go directly to that OnePass and delete it fully, and then rebuild it from scratch.
    Been here a long time . . .


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      Thanks for the reply. I included a picture of the error message when I try to delete the one pass for ABC 2020. I can manually record ABC 2020 episode by episode. I cannot delete or modify the one pass for ABC 2020. I can create a one pass for any other ABC show with no problems.
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