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  • series 2 lobotomy

    okay...dont laugh...and no, i'm not going to upgrade...i just bought a used series 2 to do one thing and one thing record the Late Show (since it is on too late for me)... I am tearing my hair tivo has a mind of its own and unfortunately that mind has an IQ of 2...I have given up on season pass and complex solutions... I just want to record manually... but even if I try to record by time the tivo stops recording at a program break... so instead of recording from 11:30 to 12:45 I get a tiny clip and that's it... is it possible to disengage tivo's brain so i can just record by time alone regardless of program breaks? Thanks.

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    So the manual recording stops at commercial breaks? Is that what you mean by a "program break?"

    A manual, timed recording, should just do its thing, no stopping.
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      Thanks for your reply. Sorry for delay answering. I finally got it to work with a season pass. I have posted a new problem with hard drive though.
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