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Pixelation and Green Screen Issues

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  • Pixelation and Green Screen Issues

    I have a Roamio Pro that several times had a green screen appeared. Rebooting resolved that problem. That issue went away but then I started to get pixelation. And audio would also cut out. Thought it was the hard drive. Replaced it. The first day, no issues. The second day pixelation is back. Is it fixable or is it time to retire the TiVo?
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    That does sound like hard drive problems.

    What HD did you replace it with?

    Did you check the power supply? More info about that is here:
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      It could also be a problem with the incoming signal quality, see:


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        Originally posted by WK-Jeff View Post
        It could also be a problem with the incoming signal quality, see:
        I replaced the hard drive with a Weaknees replacement. I checked signal strength- it was 100%. RS Corrected and Uncorrected were zero. Other stuff that recorded last night and today, including channels I know I had problems - were recording fine. So my problem does not occur on a consistent basis. Thatís the worst kind. The TiVo troubleshooting did suggest changing the coaxial cable. Thatís probably something I can do thatís fairly cheap.

        Tempted also to buy a TiVo on the secondary market to see if itís truly the machine.

        Donít know anything regarding power supply issues.