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Bolt VOX picture quality issue

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  • Bolt VOX picture quality issue

    New to the forum ..BUT VERY OLD to Tivo

    Had Tivo since about 2002

    Never really thought of the picture quality

    But the other day I switched over to Cablevisions Altice One and left my Roamio ...Immediately my wife and I noticed MUCH better picture quality on my LG OLED TV..

    I thought thats it..Im done with Tivo

    Altice is a really nice product and the picture was amazing..

    But after a few days I started to hate their DVR..

    So I thought about getting a Bolt VOX. I just couldnt give up this great picture with Altice One

    So I figured maybe my 5 year old Roamio was the issue and the new Bolts would be better..So I ordered a 1TB Bolt and got a new cablecard.. Pic quality is the same as the Roamio and not as good as Altice One.

    I LOVE the Tivo and want to stick with it..but the Altice One box just gives such a better picture

    I tried different HDMI cables and ports..I messed with the video settings on the Bolt..Its on Auto, but I tried all the others..

    Is there something Im missing?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!! THX!

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    Does your unit maybe have HDR? No TiVo has that yet.
    Been here a long time . . .