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Tivo Roamio Will Not Complete Kickstart 58?

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  • Tivo Roamio Will Not Complete Kickstart 58?


    I self upgraded to a 10 TB drive in my Roamio and successfully gained 1,603 hours of recording capacity. After letting the box run for a little over a week, I have discovered it has begun failing at the loading stage of its service connections. I find others online have ran in to this problem and solved it by running a kickstart 58. When I try the KS 58, the box lights flash amber and green and a message appears referencing a software install (I think this means the code was received). However, my box has sat at this screen for upwards of 12 hours with not progress resulting in me having to pull the plug to get back to useable tv. Others online seem to indicate minutes or no more than 3 hours for the KS 58 to complete. I,on a whim, reinstalled the 3 TB drive I upgraded from (this drive was self-upgraded by the tivo when first installed). Attempting KS 58 on this 3 TB drive gives no result for 6 hours or more. I am left wondering if I am the first whose box will not do a KS 58? Is this indicative of another problem such as failing power supply?

    Anybody have any thoughts?