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Tivo Series 3, New Hard Drive, Gray screen

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  • Tivo Series 3, New Hard Drive, Gray screen

    Hi Everyone,

    I understand that this is a common problem but I have yet to see any thread mentioning the issue I am having. Per the title, the hard drive was replaced after the DVR would not get out of the Welcome Screen. Prior to this issue the DVR worked properly. The power supply did not have any bulging/leaking caps but I replaced them as a precaution. I have a new multi-Stream cable card in slot 1. I have been in contact with my cable provider (Cox) and they have pushed through channel info multiple times. My screen displays channel information, the Guide displays all channels and programming info but live TV is just a gray screen. I have checked signal strength and other parameters in the trouble-shooting section and all #'s are correct and above minimums. The suggestion that I contact Tivo in inconvenient as I not home during their phone support hours.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is a lifetime subscription Tivo so it would be nice to get it operating again.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Did you get the drive from us? If so, please email us at

    If this is not from us, how did you get the TiVo OS on the drive?
    Been here a long time . . .