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  • Error Codes and their solutions

    The following - a work in progress - is a list of known TiVo error codes , their causes and possible solutions. Please feel free to contribute any others that are missing and I'll be happy to add them. Thanks!

    Error 32 A software glitch (usually occurs when scheduling recordings) resolved in TiVo software version 7.3.1 - try rebooting the unit and then forcing a dial-in call; for shorter term solutions, either try repeating guided set-up or or go into your season pass manager and rearrange your list. Sometimes it takes the TiVo a while to sort information, so give it some time after any of these solutions are attempted.

    Error 51 The TiVo needs to re-serialize itself to its hard drive. This error often happens when moving drives between TiVos (of the same make and model). You'll need to go to TiVo Central:Messages and Setup:System Test and Reset:Clear and Delete Everything. Unfortunately, you cannot save programming or personal preferences when swapping drives between different TiVos.

    SO2 Error A downloading problem that seemed to affect some Series 2 standalone TiVos. This was apparently resolved with a software update, so if you're still getting this error, your unit probably hasn't downloaded new software in a while. Check your System Information screen to be sure you have at least 7.3

    SO3 Error Database corruption, often asociated with a hard disk problem. Reinstall you software on your drive or replace the drive entirely with new software.

    0XFFFF Multi-room viewing error. Turn off multi-room viewing on all units. Dial in all of your TiVos. Then turn multi-room viewing back on.

    161-1 A Series 3 error in reading the cable card - usually solved with a new card, but occasionally it's a problem with the card reader itself - be sure your installer configures card slot 1 first
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    When I'm in "Photos" mode having my PC based pictures shown on TiVo, I often get this:

    An unexpected error occurred while accessing the server.


    It seems to occur more often when I'm showing pictures from a folder with large (>1,500) numbers of pictures in it, rather than small ones. It seems like TiVoToGo is trying to buffer in all of the pictures before displaying them, then gets this error due to a buffer fault or something.

    Btw, if 1,500 seems like a lot, I actually had to pair down from the many thousands of wallpaper and web images I've accumulated over the past 20 years or so of being on the Web. It would be really cool if TiVo could see all of my images because it's neat to see pictures come up from random times over the years to remind you of what was happening at the times you captured them.

    Is there any way to increase the TiVo's main memory or something to help increase the number of pictures it can display?


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      Are you getting the error on your PC or on the TiVo?
      Been here a long time . . .


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        TIVO HD error 109 HDCP

        HDCP message comes on - telling user to disconnect HDMI cable and use component video cable instead. Under the various cable card messages, error 109 is displayed as a copy protection error. Oddly, cable card or cards otherwise function normally. TV HDCP works normally with different cables, a blu ray player, etc.


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          Hmm . . . sounds like the TV must be losing good connectivity to the DVR.
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            Yesterday I got an "error 51" on my old Phillps DSR6000. This unit's case hasn't been cracked open for several years, so no new hard drive. So what else would cause this error given the hard drives have not been changed. Checked the forums for this error and without exception all where in some way connected with some kind of disk swap.


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              The only time we ever see Error #51 is this:

              TiVo Error 51
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                Read the link and given the fact this unit has never been opened or hacked, any other explanation? Hate to lose all the programs.


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                  If you've never opened it, then you likely truly have a hardware error. It can be repaired without losing shows, presuming your drive is fine. You can contact us for a quote for a TiVo repair.


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                    Error 51

                    I bought a series 2 tivo off E-bay and when i finished set up it gave me the error 51 message. I have tryed clearing the drive, if that does not work would installing a new drive fix the problem. I was planning on putting a larger drive in any way, but if that will not fix the Error 51 message than ill write the basterd who sold me this tivo a scathing letter and trash his ebay rep.



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                      Get back to us if the C&D doesn't help your situation. (This is just one of many reasons we caution people against buying TiVos on eBay.)