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250 GB Units Take 2?

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  • 250 GB Units Take 2?

    Are the AppleTV upgrades a Take 2 model or the original release?

    Also, I seem to be having some issues with my original AppleTV (Take 1?). I have it connected to an HDMI switch and usually it works fine, but it seems like I have to restart it pretty often because the picture is gone or is just a few red lines on the screen or the unit is unresponsive. The TiVo S3 and upconverting DVD player also connected to the same HDMI switch work flawlessly. I've switched out cables and tried a different port for the AppleTV, but the condition persists. Would an upgrade hard drive take care of this or is it possibly the HDMI connector?

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    The models are actually identical, save for the software. And the software on the V - 1 models can be upgraded with a click of the remote. That's really the complete difference, so at this point, essentially, they're all V - 2.

    As far as the issue, seems like you should see if Apple will swap it out prior to installing an upgrade.
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