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HR24 Problem with external drive

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  • HR24 Problem with external drive

    I just switched out locations on 2 HR20's which both have 2TB external drives. I just got a couple of the HR24/500's from Weaknees to assure I got these boxes. I reinstalled the HR24's but one of the two will not recognize the external drive, the other recognized the external drive first try.

    I reinstalled the external drive back to HR20 and external works fine. So I guess external drive is good, esata cable good.

    Do I have maybe bad esata port on one of the new HR24's.

    I've retrid the install several times but not sure where to turn next.

    Sorry my first post pretty new for me

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    Pretty strange - I really haven't seen a bad eSATA port on one of these.

    Maybe try the cable from the one that works and see if that does the trick. Those connectors can be pretty flaky.
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      Try this. With the hd connected. Do a reset on the HR24 (red button). Once the reset is finished. It should recognize the HD.


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        Three year old thread here . . .
        Been here a long time . . .