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Problem recording with Replay5500

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  • Problem recording with Replay5500

    This is what I think is a peculiar problem or perhaps is either intentional or due to poor or inadequate planning by someone.

    My 5500 Replay is connected to my Pioneer PDP4280HD TV set via component vidio cables. My Scientific Atlanta 4250HD cable box (Non DVR unit) is connected to the TV Via HDMI cable. I can real time view all the HD channels through the Replay using all the functions that are normally available from the Replay. I can record a program while I watch it or while I watch something that I recorded earlier. When I want to watch a channel in higher definition ( like some of the documentaries or concerts) I switch to the HDMI input on the TV while the Replay is still on and I can record what I'm watching (or not) at that time also.

    Where the problem arises is when I want to record something and the TV isn't on. When I play back what was recorded .... for the total record time I get the Cablevision notice that the device is NOT HDCP compatable.

    In other words, as long as the HDMI cable is plugged in, between the cable box and the TV, if the TV is off, the cable box wont allow the boxe's component video output to be viewed by the Replay. As soon as I turn on the TV, while the Replay is in recording mode, the HDCP warning goes away.

    I called Pioneer and they never heard of that before and suspect that it's a fucntion of the Cable box. Cablevision never heard of that before but suggest that I don't use the HDMI output of the box. Like Duhhhhhh! I haven't had a chance to call Scientific Atlanta yet, but I suspect I'll get the same answer from them.

    I can understand the purpose of HDCP via the HDMI cable but if I can record through the component video cables with the HDMI cable plugged in and the TV on, why should the TV being in the off condition be a copy protection problem?

    Can anyone think of a way around this?

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    I don't know any way around that, other than a TiVo HD DVR with CableCARDs. In a way, this all makes sense. If there is an HDMI connected, but the TV isn't on to confirm that it supports HDCP, then the SA unit shouldn't output at all.
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