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  • CCTV installation

    We have never worked with a customer who has DirecTV as opposed to cable, so we are in the dark with regard to equipment needed in order to view CCTV feed on a TV with DirecTV.

    We have 7 cameras and a CCTV DVR. We want to network the CCTV DVR to one TV in a home with an HD-DVR unit. Each tv in the house has its own DirecTV device. There is no "whole home" activation.

    I am not a technician, just an office assistant trying to find out how to move forward with the installation. Can you give me a list of equipment needed and information on how to wire/install?

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    I think we've chatted online with a few people in your office.

    Does this installation have SWM currently?

    Does this installation have OTA (over the air antenna)?

    You can also find most of this information here:
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      Yes, you have chatted with one of my bosses. From what I know, the installation does have a SWM device, but I'm not sure what model. I can have the homeowner look and get back with you.

      How would I find out if it has OTA?


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        See if there is anything plugged into the OTA port on the SWM.
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          Will do. I will get back with you as quickly as I can.


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            I have pictures from our customer. He has a 16 Channel SWM. There is no OFF AIR port labeled on the device.

            Legacy 1-4 Ports
            Flex 1-2 Out Ports
            SWM2 Port
            DC/PWR Port
            SWM1/PWR Port
            Flex Port 1
            Flex Port 2
            4 Satellite Ports

            So where do we go from here?


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              Right - with a SWM16, there's no OTA input.

              So then you can just diplex the signal in and out. See the diplexers here:

              (second item from the bottom)
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                Okay, I see the diplexer. What port does it attach to on the SWM16? Is this the only piece I need?


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                  It goes on a SWM output. You put that SWM output in one port, and the OTA/CCTV in the other, and then reverse it at the destination.
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                    Both of our client's SWM ports are being used: SWM2 and SWM1/Power. What I am understanding is that we attach the "In" port on the diplexer onto the "SWM2" port and then run the satellite through the "SAT" port on the diplexer and the CCTV through the "UHF/VHF" port. Correct?


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                      The diplexer gets used in reverse at each end.

                      At the SWM end, you put the SWM1 into the SAT port and the CCTV into the UHF port. Then, the IN is the really the OUT and goes to a DVR.

                      At the DVR, you put another diplexer. The line coming from the wiring hub goes to the IN. Then the SAT goes to the DVR and the UHF goes to the CCTV device there.
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